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Hyères Festival 2015: And the Winner is… Aprons!

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The 30th edition of Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival took place from April 23rd to 27th in the town of Hyères in the south of France. Since 1985, it has been an event focused on young, avant-garde talent in photography and fashion design. Karl Lagerfeld was the Art Director of this year’s fest. As [...]

La Casati

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There currently is a beautiful exhibition in Venice, Italy about the Marchesa Luisa Casati. A wealthy Italian aristocrat who died destitute, she’s remained an international muse for the art and fashion set during her heyday from the Belle Époque through the Roaring Twenties up to today. She’s inspired contemporary designers such as Karl Lagerfeld ar [...]

Stepping into la dolce vita in Paris (and Rome)

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Like so many glum Parisians in January looking for a quick high, I got sucked into the winter sales and fell for some clunky-stylish Doc Marten platform boots, just because. My darling boyfriend doesn’t appreciate me as much in heels since he stands a handful of inches shorter than me. At 5’9″, I don’t need [...]